Cloud Services

With Cloud 9 Telecom cloud services, we manage your IT infrastructure so that you can focus on your business goals. You rely on us to provide expert consulting and the virtual products and services for:


  • Anti-virus protection

  • Data storage, backup and recovery

  • Helpdesk support

  • Local area network setup (Wi-Fi and printers)

  • Mobile device management


  • SaaS installation and support

  • Server virtualization

  • Software installation, patches and updates

  • System and data security

  • 24x7 system monitoring


With our cloud services, your company places IT in the hands of experts while technology is advancing and changing, and we educate you every step of the way. You benefit from these business efficiencies:


  • Available and accessible data

  • Cost-efficient pay-per-use services

  • Improved business productivity

  • Reduced resources; reduced costs

  • Simplified IT management

  • Valuable experience from IT experts


Relying on cloud-based solutions prepares your business for the future, and Cloud 9 Telecom can provide you with the roadmap to make it happen.

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