VOIP Services

Cloud 9 Telecom has Phone and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions that are suited to every business need. Whether you and your staff are working from a home or office or logging in remotely from the road, we provide high quality, state-of-the-art equipment and connectivity for clear, concise communication.


We specialize in nationwide services with extended services in the South Florida area for:


  • Analog Phone Lines

  • Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) Lines

  • Long Distance Calling

  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Connect

  • International Calling

  • T1/Fiber Channels

  • Voice Only Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

  • Cable Channels

  • Auto Attendant

  • PBX (Onsite Phone System)

  • VoIP (Hosted Phone System)

  • Mobile Services (Integrated w/Phone System)


Cloud 9 Telecom specialists assess your existing communications infrastructure, as well as, your customer needs before designing a Phone and VoIP solution that is perfect for your environment.


Our strategy is optimized for seamless media streaming based on your business; you select from plan options that meet your specific needs then we get to work enhancing your productivity with quality Phone and VoIP solutions*


  • Clear and Concise Business Communication

  • Consistent Service Monitoring

  • Enterprise High Definition Voice

  • IP Phone Sets and Telephony Through Leading Partners

  • Optimized Streaming

  • Reliable Backup Options

  • Scalable Options For Business Growth Or Reduction

  • Seamless Connectivity for Customers, Partners, and Suppliers

  • Support for Computers, Mobile Devices, Phones, and New Technologies

  • Traditional Calling Features

  • VoIP Recording Tools, Handsets, and Hosted PBX

  • VoIP Consulting and Education Services


*To help with your business upgrade or consolidation, we also purchase old phone and network systems along with office furniture.

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